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mobile notary

We have several in house Notaries who would love to help meet your notary needs…

Please call 757-257-2517 to schedule an appointment and ask about a mobile notary 

property management

Our company is a flat rate management company. We do not charge by percentage of rent collected. We believe that the level of work and our fees does not change based on the amount of rent collected. That is why we don’t charge by percentage. Our number one goal is to minimize the expenses that you incur personally and let the houses pay for themselves.

We here at Riddick Property Management, are not only managers but we have our own portfolio of houses which puts us in the unique position to understand from the owners point of view the hurdles and obligations that come with having rental properties. We treat all the houses that we manage just like they were one of our own and this results in us providing you the best service possible.


Please Reach Out and Let us make your life easier with our Property Management Program


For and appointment please call or text: 757-257-2517


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Property Management Alternative

Same return as renting with no maintenance costs or management fees. Streamlined approach while making you the bank and collecting the checks.

Traditional Property Management

Locate Tenants, Tenant Leasing, tenant Screening, Move-in / Move-out Services...

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Traditional Renting

Find a rental home for yourself

Rent-To Own

Find a rent-to-own home for yourself

Rooms for Rent

Single occupancy rooms within residential homes. "Shared House"

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Do you want to Increase your Capital by investing with us? Your Investment is secured by Real Estate and on average yields 10-20% in Annual Income!